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Welcome to our new game "The Superfluous" [soo-pur-floo-uh s].

This game is a rogue-lite platformer featuring jet packs and squad based mechanics. Bring a crew of specialized spacemen to explore an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.


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The developer - www.voidedpixels.com

I am super excited about this game and hopefully you will enjoy it when I finally get to share it with the world. Stay tuned for some development videos and screen shots.

About The Game:

  • Sci-Fi - I love reading all types of science fiction {Asimov, Niven, Heinlein, Card, Howey, Clark, Wells, etc.} and have always tried to find away to include that genre in my games.
  • Rogue-like - This game is more like a rogue-lite. There is perma-death if your squad members die: but gear-levels and game progress are persistent.
  • Progress - Your squad mates gain levels through progressing through the cave, killing enemies, unlocking lore, missions, etc. Each level will unlock Perks giving your squad mate special abilities or passive bonuses. These perks are lost when squad dies.
  • Cave Diving - Without divulging too much of the story, this game takes place on a giant asteroid. Inside this asteroid are many dangers and rewards for your men/women to find.
  • Story - Humor is the keyword here. More on this later
  • Platformer - Side scrolling, cave diving, rocket jumping.

It's All About The Story:

All games should have a story. Story is everything. Story can motivate and inspire or just be something fun and entertaining. In this game I am shooting for the later. I know, I know, Indie games should make us feel something to be 'successful' (or so it seems to me nowadays); and I enjoy games with really in-depth emotional stories... but sometimes I just want to laugh and blow stuff up.

This is a VERY rough draft of the story and might change completely:

The year is 2121. Scientists have discovered an asteroid (BAR-101), half the size of the moon, on a collision course with Earth. Normally this would cause great distress for the people of Earth, but because this asteroid will not make impact for another 1,000 years, most deem it as not important. Although there remain a few people that are concerned(a fringe political group formally called Republicans). To appease this minority group, the government of Earth spent billions of dollars to send a space shuttle to BAR-101. The shuttle crew's mission is to place a Zero-Point-Energy bomb at the center of the asteroid and destroy it before it reaches Earth.

The shuttle, your shuttle, is named "The Superfluous". This ship is equipped with state of the art cloning technology, in case you or your crew is met with an unfortunate end before the mission is complete. New crew DNA profiles are available for purchase in exchange for any valuable metal (gold) found on BAR-101.*

Your ship also has a research lab to upgrade your equipment using any minerals available. Though please note the upgrades are super expensive and don't really make your gear that much more effective.

Your crew will be equipped with our most advanced environmental suits and super sweet jet packs to help them navigate through BAR-101's many caves, chasms, crevices, crooks, and caverns.

You have approximately 999 years to complete your mission, so no procrastination. Remember the fate of the world might rest with you and your crew. Though popular consensus says we will either kill ourselves through nuclear war, a super virus, or by proving to aliens we are useless/dangerous to the rest of the galaxy.**

* While you were in cryo-sleep the funding for this mission was cut in lieu of nicer toilet seats.

**Consensus made through a social media poll.

CHANGE LOG 1/06/17
- Added custom keyboard binding
- Added boss at level 15
- Added Flamer Weapon

CHANGE LOG 12/06/16
- In co-op players can now revive each other. The surviving player can
find the tombstone of their partner and revive them by pressing 'G' or
DPAD-UP on the controller. The revived player will have zero health
but will still be alive.
- Fixed a rare error when players switch squad mates that are dead.
- Fixed some grammar errors.
- KNOWN EXPLOIT: switching squad mates when there is only one is alive will reset the fire animation for weapons. This allows the player to rapid fire weapons like the pistol.

CHANGE LOG 12/03/16
- Added Space Worms.
- Made Fog toggle-able.

CHANGE LOG 11/27/16
- Graphic changes.
- Added Brightness Control.

CHANGE LOG 11/15/16
- Added player hopping as toggle-able. See main menu.
- Mouse works appropriately.

CHANGE LOG 11/09/16
- Add player hopping (may or may not be permanent)
- Added Herobrine.

CHANGE LOG 10/20/16
- Fixed errors (level 5 story should now be close-able)
- Level Music Added
- Cursor works better.
- Full screen mode is still a little wonky in game.
- Finished rough draft of Season 1 story line.
- MAC build ALSO updated

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorVoided Pixels Studio
Tags16-bit, 2D, Action-Adventure, Controller, Local multiplayer, pixal-art, platfomer, Roguelike, Sci-fi, Space
Average sessionA few hours
InputsMouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksHomepage, Twitter, Community


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