Added new weapon and shield designs

So I've been playing with changing the crafting mechanic. It was a little cumbersome and time consuming flipping the dice every time I damaged my sword or got attacked. 6 dice per attack and 6 or 5 dice per damage taken wasn't making for a fun experience.

So I came up with 3 solutions that work pretty well. Also you need about half as many dice now (11). 10 free dice to roll and craft with.

First Option:

Look at the first 5 images on this post. You have a card that you punch 2 holes in (using a hole punch) and you place a bottom card with 2 arrays of numbers below that card. As you gear piece gets damaged you move it up or down and left or right to change the number that is peeking up through the card. I am not sure if I made up this mechanic or I've seen it some where else. Regardless this works, although if you bump your card you lose what the number was.

Second Option:

The last two images are cards that have a number list to iterate through the health values. Using a small 8mm translucent cube placed on top of the card you keep track of the gear durability that way. Probably less prone to bumping and losing your number and a little easier to move through the list, but you have to have a 4 cubes.

Original Option modified:

You use only 1 die to keep track of each section of the gear. The most secure option of keeping track of the durability and would only require you have have 15 dice, but maybe you don't have that many dice.

Any way these are all options I am going to add to the game. I just need to find the best option for the production version. Maybe I should include them all!

Let me know which on you'd prefer.

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i have been looking over the card system and i rather like it, working on some notes and ideas ill send once polished a little so you can see what you think for potential expansions/improvements to a few things.  may be a bit though, busy +ocd when im making something for someone

Awesome I'd love to hear your thoughts! I am working on finalizing the game for print. After that I'll release all the card templates and the art guide-lines.