Version 0.8.2 EA

Change Log (12/8/22):

  • The car should now work as intended with controllers. A is accelerate, B is brake, and A+B is the handbrake. Let me know if you think of a better way to control it.
  • NPC Traders should avoid blade spinners. They should also be able to use gates and doors. (Not fully tested)
  • Added UI tip for trading booths, delivery robots, and wood burners that tell the player the key/button to press for multi items (Shift or Left Stick Button)
  • The wood burner should now save its on/off state correctly.
  • The wood burner now works with switches.
  • The sand trap now works correctly with the controller. Works like the sand wall.
  • The Raid timer should now pause when in the pause menu.
  • The power/mod bar has updated graphics showing which controller button to press (Temp ART and backward?).
  • The weapon bar should now hide when attaching things to things.

Special thanks to fodder for helping with finding all these bugs!


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