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Amazing game so far, characters are cute, and the gameplay is interesting. I really hope this game is still being developed and that more will be added soon


Good job, I like it. It's a great concept. I hope there's a full game in the future :)


Very fun, just one issue. The movemet speed of everything is so slow that i felt like a literal weight was taken off my shoulders when i read about the dev tool teleport. Its literally like everything is in slow motion. Other than this, had a great time.

when the game come fully? (Not a demo) I hope the game come soon because THIS IS THE BEST GAME!!!

I am glad you like it! I will work on it early next year. I am finishing my game "The Superfluous" first, then I'll work on this full time.


when this game's full version will be released?

I don't know unfortunately. I got flooded by hurricane Harvey so I've had some major set backs. I am just about ready to move back in (after months of rebuilding). I'll try to keep everyone updated on my progress.

moar Elfs!!!!!!

I thought about adding dark elves, but I wanted to opt for something people don't use much. That is why I am going with Rhino people (Karkadann). Who knows maybe Elves will make an appearance in an expansion or the $99 DLC lol jk :)

have you heard of loxodon or gnolls? one is an humanoid elephant and the other is a humanoid hyena. maybe golems? also, sorry about the hurricane. 

also,  an idea for an enemy is a necromancer(cleric for undead) or maybe a starting enemy, if you create a tutorial could be spiders.

Awesome, but please add online multiplayer. (more fun)

How could you see multiplayer working in this? Co-op/versus. Curious on what you'd like to see.

co-op :)

also it could be competitive

The demo's great and the plot, oh the plot is soooooo interesting. The mistery voice seems friendly. Will it have a save feature? Hope to see the game to evolve into a great game.

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My plan is to make it a very nice polished game. It will have save features and ways to unlock and upgrade new units. I am thinking there will be different levels/sectinos and you get rewarded for saving people but NOT converting them. You can use those people as workers/crafters back at your home base. Still working on the details, but I am looking forward to this one. Don't worry it isn't going anywhere :)

I really can't wait for the full game to come out! Or is it already there? :-)

Not yet, but it seems like people are interested in it. So this game will probably be my next full time game. I am glad you like it!

Great work! i like it i like it! :)

Thanks! :)