Released 0.3.11


  • Added text versions of health and stamina


  • Produces 'poop' that can be used for dirt.
  • Traders will, after trading, sometimes need to use the outhouse for... reasons.
  • 2 'deposits' will create one dirt (this could be adjusted). There is a limit to how much the outhouse can hold (20 poops or 10 dirt).
  • I will probably make everyone need to poop [everyone poops]. If there is not an outhouse the camp mates will poop on the ground.
  • Also the Custodian job will clean out the outhouses (not implemented yet).
  • It is pretty slow BUT it could provide an easy early game way to get dirt.
  • I'll probably make dirt more expensive in the future.

I've never typed the word poop so many times. LOL

There are also some general bug fixes and performance increases. If something is wonky or messed up let me know. Enjoy!

Get Sand: A Superfluous Game

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I love the idea, now we need another ingame structure,resource that also consumes dirt.

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humm, your right.... what ideas do you have? Mud walls maybe?

This is awesome and I love what you are doing with the game.