0.3.12 - Release

  • Doors now work by walking through them. You no longer have to open or close them.
    • If you run into any strange bugs let me know
    • I might make gates the same way too
  • I changed the way fences are saved. Hopefully you won't lose any, but you might
  • Llamas now stay seated when you get off of them (outside of a base)
  • I brought back the car/llama radar that will point to the nearest llama or car if it is off the screen.
    • I will be modify this (this was in the game VERY early on)
  • Solar panels are no longer solid and can be walked through
  • Medium batteries are a thing
  • Quests and story changes are still being worked on. Once I finish the missions for Anchor Rage I'll release the 0.4 version

Lots of random bug fixes. I am probably missing something big. I've been sick for 2 weeks straight and didn't get enough time to document everything I've been tweaking.


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Version 80 Nov 01, 2019

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I've really been enjoying the game so far. The doors being automatic is nice. I'm experiencing an issue where every time I try to build a wooden gate, it becomes a wooden fence post. If I build a stone gate instead, then it becomes a wooden gate, so I'm still able to work around it. I didn't have this probelm before the update.

Yeah I just fixed that along with other things. I'll post an update soon.

Thank you! Your game is quite charming.

Awesome. Love your game and when its done being developed i will definitely buy ut without any hesitation. Also thanks for the door changes. You're an awesome developer.


Hope you get well soon! You're doing a fantabulous job with this game. :)

lol I am over it now :)

Good to hear! :D