0.3.12 hot fix

  • Fixed an issue with gates and fences not building right
  • I also changed the way walls, floors, and fences are drawn.
    • They now draw on a single surface
    • Things should work much faster now FPS wise
    • There will probably have some issues I've not foreseen.
    • Report any errors you find.


Sand Alpha 0.3.18 109 MB
Version 81 Nov 03, 2019

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How i can complete this quest? 

EDIE not active.


That is an unfinished quest line. I just forgot to add the message telling you that :

(4 edits)

Why i not see global map? (solution: double click on F5)

Why I downloaded 0.3.12 version, but I see 0.3.11 version?


The map error I haven't seen before. I just forgot the update the version number in game :)

Isn't it 0.3.12?

lol probably :)