Released 0.3.13

  • Added a few new missions.
  • Added a new companion
    • Ripley the Raider
      • Shotgun user
      • High health
      • Rage Ability: after getting hit (4 times) she will increase her firing rate for a few seconds
  • Fixed a lot of issues with gates and walls. You might have some invisible gates popping up, hopefully I fixed all the ones in the mission maps. You should be able to enter build mode and right click them to get rid of them.
  • Mission references a Radar Dish. I am working on the art for it so it isn't in the game yet.
  • Added in damage numbers when someone gets damaged. Let me know if you like them or want them to be different somehow.
  • I have lots of missions already made I am just nailing down the locations. Expect a big missions patch soon and a minor version number update 0.4.0.


Sand Alpha 0.3.18 109 MB
Version 84 Nov 19, 2019

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This game is awesome! Looking forward to the next update. 

Me too :) Life is happening right now. I should have an update in a week or so.

Can't wait to test it out! Love the work you're doing! Proud of you!