Released 0.3.14

Change Log:

  • Completely revamped the Job system
  • Added a new Item: Job Board
    • This is where you will assign everyone's jobs.
    • It can hang on the wall
    • Added a tutorial mission to make player build this

  • Removed old upgrade items (exploration and fitness)
  • Added new upgrade item (player)
    • Combined the two removed items into one menu.
    • Removed most of the camp upgrades

  • Added a new deploy-able item called camping Kit
    • Item can be built from the tool work bench.
    • This item can be put anywhere in the exploration zones. It allows you to sleep, eat, boil water, and cook food.
    • This will replace the make a camp zone/button.
    • You can pack up the camp and get it back into your inventory.

  • Added gravestones
    • I kind of want to make these spawn skellys at night so you can 'farm' them for loot.
    • They work like a sign you can edit the text on them
  • Added junk piles
    • Right now there is just a junked up car
    • it can be harvested for metal and rarely plastic
    • more to come later

  • Added a new job: Scavenger
    • auto harvests junk piles

Coming up:

  • I have completed the human missions but I am not really satisfied with them yet. I need the end of it to be something better. I have an idea and will work it out for the next 4.0 update.
  • I need to start the upgrade/research system
    • That means not everything will be unlocked to build until you research it
    • Research will also unlock player stat upgrades and will probably replace the upgrade object.
    • A new resource research points will be added. These can be rewarded for completing missions.
    • New items like the junk piles will be made to collect research points.
    • A new job 'researcher' or 'scientist' will have to be made to auto create research points.
  • I am planning on adding at least 2 gear slots Helmets and Suits (possibly boots too)
    • Each one will give you stat bonuses
    • Also they will give you active skills to use
    • These will act as 'class' which you can mix and match skills to your liking.
    • NO MAGIC but high tech things will be included.


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