Armor Is Here!

Armor workbench and armor rack added

  • Produces boots, chest, and head armor
  • Boots: (activated with shift)
    • Sprint: basically the sprint you are used to
    • Dash: dash in the direction you are moving
    • Flame: leave a fire trail behind you. Slightly faster then normal move speed.
    • Rocket: dash toward the nearest enemy and make an explosion. High knock back low damage.
    • ALSO: Dash and Rocket have 2 or 3? iframes.
  • Chest:
    • Armored Vest: Adds %30 damage reduction
    • Lab Vest: heals 1 hp per 5 seconds when not near enemies
    • Bandolier: adds 2 clips to most weapons
    • Spikey Vest: damages enemies if they touch the player
  • Helmets:
    • Laser Sight: red laser line for all ranged weapons
    • Head Light: Adds directional light at night
    • Trashcan: adds %20 damage reduction

Everything is very fresh and unbalanced so expect things to change as well as new things added.

***To see your equipped armor items (and to drop/select them) you'll need to press [TAB]. This section also has slot for two other items (these will be your skill slots).

I've redone the UI (all sections should be collapse-able now) which I am still not satisfied with. It is more compact so that is good for now.


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Version 92 Mar 07, 2020

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it looks nice :D

Thanks! I am working on a real inventory I think. I was trying to avoid it (I guess?).