Released 0.3.15

Created a real inventory system. Expect things to be buggy. 

  • I've removed all your equipped gear and gave them to the orphans. 
  • I have also destroyed all your armor racks and made them un-build-able.
  • Renamed your Weapon Racks to Gear Racks.
  • Inventory has drag-able slots, You can drag non-armor into armor slots for now (doesn't do anything).
  • You can drop items directly from your inventory via the drop slot.
  • Tool tips are just place holders but tell you a little info.
  • Everything is in a very 'alpha' style (aka ugly)
  • Who knows what else? (it has been awhile since I've posted)

I been crazy at work (I am a teacher) writing lessons, teaching teachers, teaching parents how to do all this online curriculum stuff. The good thing is my class pretty much ran online before this virus hit, so it wasn't bad for my students. So I threw my energy at getting everyone else up to speed. I got teacher of the year for it though :) I guess teaching teachers and parents is still teaching right? I've finally got some energy to get back to my game! I will be working on experience/tech-tree/unlocks next. I expect that to take a week. Then I'll add in the end of the Anchor Rage story arc and start on the next arc.


Sand Alpha 0.4.0 109 MB
Version 93 Apr 22, 2020

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Congratulations for getting Teacher of the year! :D sounds like you makes lots of efforts to manage your games and be a good and responsible teacher at the same time, while also making a good game, I'm not your student but by the sounds of it I would say you deserve it!

lol thanks!

Glad to hear from you after such a long time! I knew you were a teacher so I was worried about how you were managing (what with the virus and all classes being moved online), it's good things are going mostly well for you! I'm happy to see another update and that you're still motivated to work on the game some more! I look forward to trying out the new features in the update. 

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