Released 0.3.15 Part 2

Change Log:

  • XP
    • You now gain xp for basically everything. harvesting crops, killing mobs, collecting water, you name it. XP will be used in the unlock system I am building right now.
    • Gaining XP will be a pretty big balancing issue, but hopefully you guys will tell me if it is too slow or too fast.
    • XP will unlock player upgrades, gear, follower upgrades, building upgrades, basically anything you can think to upgrade.
    • Camp mates doing tasks will also gain xp.
    • XP is a shared resource like scrap.
  • New Follower Job: Researcher
    • Build the new work bench (research bench) and assign a researcher.
    • They will passively create xp
  • I will also have a system to burn resources (probably oil) to create larger xp gains [not complete].
  • Weapon durability is adjusted (weapons break faster)
  • Resources stacks can now be picked up. This replaces the export zone.
  • Job board now works in all the other bases.


Sand Alpha 0.4.0 109 MB
Version 94 Apr 25, 2020

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