Released 0.3.17 - Robot Deliverers

Change Log:

  • One of the most requested requests: Robot Deliverers
    • These robots will automatically fill up your trade stalls with goods.
    • Set a product and how much product you want to keep, hook up a powered switch at go!
    • May be buggy. I haven't tested it a lot. For example I am not sure what will happen if you have multiple stalls that are selling the same good [this just occurred to me while writing this :) ].
    • Costs a little less other robots. Uses 1 power.
  • Traders
    • Have more goods to sells and more money to buy.
    • Adjusted for base level
  • Reduced that amount of particles: improve performance
  • Added the amount of goods you have recently received (or lost) in the Good UI on the right.
  • Reduced the size of pop-up text


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good game

Thanks! I've got a lot more to add too :)