Released 0.3.18

Change Log:

  • Blocking is now available if you have a melee weapon equipped (as suggested by Tailn o wag)
    • Hold right mouse button and you'll see the blocking animation and the available amounts of blocks you have left
    • You slow down while blocking
    • You can still attack while blocking (may change this later)
    • Makes early melee fighting easier
  • Health/Damage changes
    • While creating the block I found out that the player has been taking double damage (for who knows how long). This is now fixed.
    • Players health is much easier to manage.
  • Dust storms now block visibility
    • Looks cool (I think)
    • Still a work in progress. I am not %100 satisfied with the results.
  • Still a work in progress. I am not %100 satisfied with the results.
  • Previous build might have caused huge lag while full screen (This should now be fixed)
  • Invisible gates in several maps should now be fixed. Reset map data to fix these



Sand Alpha 0.6.7 121 MB
Version 103 Jul 08, 2020

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Found a typo in EDIE's dialogue: "It's true I am not at full fuctional capacity", should be "functional", missing the 'n'. :)

I like the dust storm obscuring the view, makes it more immersive! :D

Idea: When I'm out exploring an area, it would be super handy to have at least a simple mini-map, so I can see the areas I've already been, to help me ensure I'm scavenging every part of the area. Maybe have to craft a map/compass or something?

Oh also: A "pause" button would be super handy, for when my girlfriend comes in the room, haha. If it exists already I haven't been able to find it...

I love the blocking idea, will give it a spin!

One thing I've noticed is that enemies attack you along a vector that doesn't point straight at your character, it's more pointing at the top of the character sprite, so it makes melee combat a bit hard, disjoint. Have you noticed that at all?

Keep up the great work! I'm going try and get more involved testing and reporting bugs. I'm also a very experienced programmer (not with GameMaker per se, but with C/C++, JS/TS, etc), so if I can help with anything I'd be glad to. :)

Humm... I haven't. If anything they should aim at your feet more (the hit box doesn't go all the way to your head. I will look at this though.