The Magic of Sprite Stacking

So I've known about the process of sprite stacking for awhile now. I've never really had a need to use it in 'Sand' because I've hand animated all of the pixel art. I think It is important to keep pixel art pure in that sense for Sand. I've gone back and forth about the weapon rotation and how it bothers me (I don't really like to rotate pixel art unless I really have to). Besides weapons I don't really rotate anything else that is noticeable (bullets, etc.) except for the cars... and man they bother(ed) me to no end. I draw the car as a top down sprite so I could rotate it while it moved. The issue is Sand is not from the top down perspective. The car is definitely out of place.

Enter the magic of sprite stacking! If you don't know what sprite stacking is basically drawing sprites on different 'layers' and having those layers rotate on a different Y value so it mimics a 3D object. 

So here is my car before:


Notice the top down perspective. It doesn't match the rest of the objects.

Now, only using 3 layers (I'll probably add one more), I present to you the new car:

Nice isn't it?! I think so. I need to tweak it a little more but it now has the same perspective as the rest of the game.

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I definitly need to save up to a car now! (bit late on this post, but still - really cool)

Looks great! TBH, I had no idea there was even a car in the game :P  Can't wait to try it out now!

There are actually several different ones. Ya'll only have access to one though :)