Tiny Update

  • changed the graphics of the cab (see previous devlog)

  • fixed the sand storm overlay while driving a car
  • fixed an issue with full-screen running choppy
    • don't even ask about the fix... it is dumb.


Sand Alpha 0.6.7 121 MB
Version 104 Jul 12, 2020

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Is that a zoomed in and cut Gif?
If it isn't, any plans on getting the camera to shift towards the front of the car? For easier driving ,)

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It is zoomed in and cut. The max gif size on itch.io is really small so I have to make my gifs small. Right now the camera is still using the walking settings. I do plan on making a driving mode though.

Cool I'll try it out. BTW, you forgot to increment the version ;)

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LOL yeah should have. Oh well :) I usually only update the versions when new features come out.

lol, that'd just make players more curious about what you did

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lol I might write a dev log about it :)