Released 0.3.19

Change Log:

  • Turrets 
    • now track enemies; no need to set a direction
    • Have ammo (must be refilled)
  • Guard Job
    • guards now refill turrets
    • Also reset traps


Sand Alpha 0.6.7 121 MB
Version 106 Jul 23, 2020

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Wow! I need to update the game right away (I have slow wifi, sadly)

Is there a PAUSE button in the game? I find I need it a lot... :)


There should probably be a pause :) It is on the to do list somewhere lol

Man, I'll buy you a coffee (or 2, or 3) when you get that in there, haha


Humm... so you are saying I should move that up on the list? :)

Yes please, good sir :D

Completely silly question. The outlines especially those showing focus on active object were achieved using 2d shader or is it a separate sprite? :)

A custom shader. At one point it was a separate sprite but that got too much to do as you can imagine.


That’s exactly the reason I am asking. Your outlines look awesome. I tried to achieve that and decided to go with sprites which ended up too much work. :)

Another option (in Game Maker) I used was d3d_set_fog. Then draw the sprite 4 times offset -1 and 1 on the x and y. Then turn the fog off and draw the sprite as normal. This works if you only have one object outlined at a time. Otherwise 4 extra draws could lower frame rates.

Thanks, this also sounds cool! I think I will go with the shader though :). It is probably the most performent and elegant solution :)