Sand 0.4.0 - Put Your Mark Into the Game

I am super excited for this build. I've unlocked (probably for a limited time) the ability for you to create what I am calling prefabs in the game. A prefab is a construction you find in the game sometimes while exploring the wasteland. You probably have seen them. Some are small others are actual buildings with loot and/or enemies. I think I only have a few in the game though so I though what better way to exploit my fan base let you all in on the fun AND have your creations in the final game!

So to access click on the new button in the main menu:

Once you are in the prefab designer you will be greeted with a series of signs and instruction written on the ground.

You'll be able to build here with the B tool for no cost, but the neat part is you will be able to save the prefabs and send the files to me to put in the game. Don't forget to hit the save button (sign) before you move to the next prefab or leave the area.

The prefab files can be found in the created_prefabs folder.

Click the discord link and join the server. There should already be a thread dedicated called upload-prefabs. You should (if I set it up right) be able to upload the files inside your create_prefabs folder (the files name is my_prefab_X.ini). I'll download and review them (probably) on a weekly basis. 

You can also add these prefabs into your game your self by copying the files to the prefabs folder and renaming them to fit the naming convention in the folder. Be sure to have the numbers follow the last prefab number in the folder.


  1. No cursing or abusive language
  2. No personal messages; having your name on a sign after a funny message is acceptable
  3. No resource exploits; don't put like 50 chests kind of thing
  4. Not all of the prefabs need to be big buildings small interesting clumps of cactus can be just as interesting
  5. No insane amount of enemies; these prefabs could be shown to new players with a bat. 


You can now change the key bindings from the main folder using the keyboard_setup.ini file located there.


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or is this just an open world gam


not online, just open world

is this onlin

Editable keybindings, yes! Thank you! Also, prefabs look fun I'll try and come up with a few.

lol keybindings have always been in the game just hidden away :)