Sand 0.5.0

Another Major Release?! You betcha!

New unlock menu: So those that are new to Sand before this release all of the buildings, weapons, and tools were available for you to create if you had the correct material to build/craft it. Now you have to unlock most of that technology using XP. This is also where the 'player upgrade' item will eventually go to upgrade your player. This system will allow some cool features like unlocking unique items as the player progresses throughout the game. For example if you help the city of Anchor Rage, a human town known for it's statues and grass, you will be able to unlock statues and grass from this menu. On the flip side if you decide to help the raiders that are harassing the village, maybe then you'll unlock skulls on sticks or spiky helmets etc.

The XP cost amounts are VERY preliminary. Let me know if they need to be raised or lowered. In my playthroughs I've been stockpiling XP for awhile now so I am not sure what the appropriate amount of XP someone should have at each point in the game. I'll be restarting the game fresh with that in mind. You can do that to if you wish to help out and report back your thoughts.

This menu is accessible through E.D.I.E. Just walk up and press Q and it will open up this menu. I really like the way this turned out. The images and sounds make smile :)

Bugs? I Guarantee You!

I reworked A LOT of systems in the game in this patch. Most you probably won't notice, but as the game gets more complex I have to go back and rework old systems to fit in better with the newer more optimized ones. PLEASE report any bugs on the forums OR at our new DISCORD server (click on picture below for invite):

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Special Thanks!

To all the community members that have been posting videos and reporting bugs HUGE thank you. This game would not be the same without you. I get motivation from just seeing the comments and hearing the idea you guys have for the game. 

Hidden gem: Some of you may know this already but you can toggle dev mode with the ~ key. I added a new thing in the debug build menu called an XP potion; build it and POOF! 100 XP.


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