Released 0.5.5

Dog Update

You now have a dog that will follow you. In future updates there will be objects that you can use to interact with him/her. There will also be a dog house in which you can change the color and the 'style' of dog. He will also bark at the closes enemy to you and slow it down for a second. The dog is not targeted by enemies. He/she is not dismiss-able at this point.


  • Added 4 new enemy types (you can only find one though)
    • Crab - Fast and weak (found in the roach zone right outside of the base)
    • Bat - in caves
    • Spider - in caves, melee, LOTS of health
    • Red Spider - Shoots webs that slow you down
  • Camp guards will target enemies first (instead of sprung traps and empty turrets)
  • Changed up graphics some

As always this build is completely without bugs and the dog will totally not clip through walls or turn into a cat or anything.


Sand Alpha 0.6.7 121 MB
Version 125 Oct 07, 2020

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this updat is fantastic, I am loving to accompany this game, its so amazing

Best update yet