Released 0.5.6

Change Log

  • Roofs!
    • Added wood, straw, and metal roofs
    • I have mud tile roofs, but I am still working on the art
    • Roofs disappear when you walk under them
    • The cast shadows as well!
  • Wood Post
    • added a post so you cane get the look of an outdoor covered area
    • will add others like stone and metal
  • Machines
    • added 6 machines that use mainly oil to convert items into other ones
    • art is a work in progress and the speed needs to be increased as well
    • veggies into oil
    • oil to drill for stone
    • oil and stone into metal
    • oil and metal into mech/gears
    • wood and oil into plastic
    • oil, metal, plastic into tech/circuits
  • Players no longer heal when they return to base. You will need to sleep, eat, or use a healing object
  • Updated starting area/base
    • added more resources
    • added a partial straw roof to the starting building
    • added a dog house
  • Wood Burners - you can now use shift to add 10 to the burner (PRAISE HE WHO CODES!)
  • Adjusted buy and sell prices for higher tiered goods.
    • The idea is to encourage players to create the items instead of buying them

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you are awesome!

No you are my friend :) !

hiya!! uhm idk if you look at these, or really how they work, but i really love your game!! and i'm really impressed with your regular and substantial updates to it, i've been playing for a couple weeks and i love the gameplay, the world you've made, and especially the animals heh :D

i wish i could be more helpful with my commenting, is there anything i as a player can do to help improve and support things? aah uhm anyway, i love sand, i appreciate you and your work, thank you so much!!! hope you're having a lovely day :) <3

I look forward to people commenting and read EVERY one :) I love that you love the game! If you want to follow more closely you can join our discord people are exchanging ideas all the time. It really keeps me motivated that people are excited about what is coming next. Most of peoples ideas there are actually now in the game :)