Release 0.5.6 - Part 2

Change Log

  • Added volume sliders to the main menu.
    • First is master, second is music, and third is sound effects
  • Solar panels now get dirty and must be cleaned with water
    • Increased the power output to 1.5kw, but now as the panel gets dirty it will be reduced to 0.5kw at 100% dirty
    • Panels get dirtier when the sand storms happen
    • Rain will auto clean them
    • Custodians will clean them when they get to 50% dirtiness
  • Going under a roof will make the visual impacts of sand storms less.
  • Added an auto-save every 5 minutes (per Discord request)


Sand Alpha 0.6.7 121 MB
Version 128 Oct 17, 2020

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I am loving to play this game! I hope this game continue with this awesome updates