Winter Update

Change Log 12/11:

  • Now during December ONLY
    • Sand is now snow
    • Sand storms are now snow storms
    • Rain is now snow flakes
    • Every person in base (not you) wears a Santa hat
  • Dog should no longer interfere with interacting with things and follow not so close
  • One cave! - Spider Cave
    • Super dark in caves
    • Torches can lit lights found in caves
    • Dog is afraid of caves and will stay at entrance
  • New Enemies
    • Bat
      • Melee
    • Black Spider
      • Melee; Lots of health
    • Red Spider
      • Ranged
      • Shoot webs that slow you down (VERY dangerous)


Sand Alpha 0.6.15 123 MB
Version 135 Dec 12, 2020

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this game is the and I am addicted. Will be hungrily craving more missions until the unforeseeable future.


I know I really need to stop adding random things and optimizing and start making mission content.


Awesome, we will always be able to see the snow every december.

Damn I installed the game just before it got updated, the same day. The dog updated would have helped!

I seem to have encountered a bug (in the previous version at least) where I placed another relay to connect more solar panels, and instead of increasing power, my power completely went out. I get around it by only using one relay!

Also, I got two crashes, one where a robotic sweeper didn't work and it said something about collisions, and another where I tried axing a load of trees (while a lumberjack robot was working) and it said something about parenting. I'll copy the message next time either happens again.

5/5 game btw.

Do you have batteries? 

I'll see if I can track those errors down. Thanks

Fun side note the snow is reading from the date on your PC so in the future just change your date and you'll get snow again. Are we still allowed to change the date?



I never left. I was on a mission... a COVID mission :