Things to do today 2/15/18

Getting it done. The only thing I really need to work on before release is the title screen/menu. I don't really need it but it would be nice to get it done. I plan on releasing tonight or tomorrow regardless.

  • Save party when going on away missions (kind of already have this but need to add to/revamp it)
  • Allow the player to actually die. Also add the UI for displaying health
  • Make exploring cost water. Healing/camping will cost food.
  • Add carry limits to exploring : Decided to limit carrying by max time away from base (food/water)
  • Add base storage limits. Can be upgraded by building storage items (barrels and crates).
  • Add camp button to map to facilitate using food to heal.
  • Add/redo clock mechanic. Make time easily changeable.
  • Revamp AI and attack animations
  • Make a Start Screen
  • Fix a memory leak I found at 12am
  • Add cats. Maybe cats should increase luck?

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