Released! & Things to come

As promised I've released "The Superfluous Sand" yesterday. I threw together a start screen just so the player can see the controls and some ideas of what to do. Obviously no story or even objective yet, but those things will come.


I am going to work on the upgrade system soon. I am thinking of making the upgrade system be through items you build. So if you want higher water carrying capacity you'll have to build a canteen and upgrade that canteen. My goal really is to make a menu free system. 

I am also going to add ammo to the guns and bow. The bow right now drops arrows on the ground. I'll have a mechanic where you'll have a limited number of arrows and you'll have to run and pick up the ones you've shot before you gain more. Guns will have a limited number of clips that will only be refillable at a base/town or maybe some special ammo crates  found places. 

Which leads me to the other system I'll add: multiple weapons. I am thinking 2 at first and maybe a way to be able to equip more later. That way you have a ranged weapon and a back up melee weapon.

Rework the weapon rack system to be better. I am thinking of adding a weapon work bench and a generic weapon cabinet. So you can store multiple weapons after you create them. I am thinking when the player dies they lose all resources not store in the base and their equipped weapons.

Oh and cats; I'll add cats

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