Change Log - 2/17/18

The Ammo Update:

  • Added a second weapon for the player. Switch with the 1 or 2 keys or the mouse wheel
  • Added ammo for player and the UI for it.
    • You have a certain number of clips. Once the clip is gone there is no more using the gun.
    • There is still a known bug when you swap for a new weapon the ammo/clips don't update correctly (sleeping or leaving fixes the issue).
    • Bows also have ammo but you can pick up the arrows you shot and reuse them.
  • Add an ammo box so you can upgrade the amount of ammo you can carry.
  • Add some very basic crunchy sounds. (yes crunchy is a word to describe sounds).
  • Added and installer and a zip file download. Some people were getting a false positive from some virus scanners on the exe only.


Sand Alpha 0.1 - Installer 5 MB
Feb 17, 2018
Sand Alpha 0.1 - ZIP 4 MB
Feb 17, 2018
Sand Alpha 0.1 - Runnable EXE 4 MB
Feb 17, 2018

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