Released 0.6.4 - Experimental

The newest version will now be added as the 'experimental' branch so those that want to help me bug squash can download that one and those that just want a stable fun game can download the normal one.

So much to say in this one. I've added and tweaked a lot of stuff. I know if I listed them all out I will miss a lot, but here is a list of some of the major ones I remember.

  • Missions
    • I finished the human/radar dish/Anchor Rage missions
    • There are several ways to finish this storyline.
    • I have several side missions in Achor Rage that I pulled at the last minute (they should be in the next update though)
  • Locations
    • I added Raider Camp 2 and It's 'basement'. There sneak peek at what is coming later.
    • I also added the Raider's main town. Well... not really. I had a bigger base with lots of buildings that got erased because my game crashed while making it. So I made a 'functioning' town that I'll update later to include the full idea I had. This town at least has roofs :)
    • I plan on updating all the locations with roofs and just making them look better in the future.
  • Item snaps
    • I change the item placement in the building menu to be 4px instead of 2px. Hopefully, this is a good change and you like it. If you hate it let me know.
  • Graphics
    • Changed the way crates look to make them bigger.
      • I might make crates 'stackable' as we discussed in the Discord earlier. This would make it so small crates are built and then by building on them again you'd get a medium crate and finally a tall crate.
    • Roofs now have ridges
      • I am not sure if this is in the older version but now roofs look less flat. I am still working on this system to make it look 'right'
  • Powers
    • I added the rock throw power which looks cool. I feel like it is underpowered though. Let me know what you think.

I'll add more as I remember them.


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May 08, 2021

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Awesome! All of this update its well done

nicely done