Released 0.6.5


  • Created Production Board
    • Sets the projected item amounts for factories to produce
    • Must have at least one Operator to run plants
  • Created Operator Job
    • Uses the Production Board to fill quotas in factories (producers)
    • They will automatically fill up factories with need resources
    • They will ignore any factory that is not active/powered
    • Operators will try to fill the factory with the lowest amount of raw material first. This should help if you have more than one factory of one type.
    • The priority is for higher-level processes to get their material filled first. I tried it the other way around and the oil factories took over the operator's time. This priority works the best.
    • Operators will not go to a factory that other operators are currently going to. This is the same system used for farmers.
  • Fixed an error where traders stopped and got stuck at trade stalls.
  • Changed spider graphics. 
    • I modified the crab graphic found here. I absolutely love Elthen's stuff and in all honesty, should use more of their stuff to speed up my dev time.
  • Created chicken treadmill
    • Place it next to a chicken and it will make nearby chickens run on the treadmill
    • Produces .75kw of power
    • Chickens will run for 10 seconds and then get exhausted
    • Exhausted chickens will have to rest for 50 secs before running again.
    • So that is 5 chickens per treadmill to produce continuous power.


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Version 143 May 16, 2021

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