Released 0.6.6 - The Anvil

Change Log:

  • The Anvil
    • Unlocked in the upgrades menu
    • Purpose: to upgrade, change stats, and add effects to weapons (armors will come later)
    • You can spend coins and electronics here to try and upgrade the rarity of the gear or reroll the mods and their numbers
    • Adding effects to weapons give them a unique play style
      • FIRE - Adds a Damage Over Time [DOT] ability
      • BIO - Creates areas of damaging acid on the ground
      • CRYO - slows enemies down
      • SPREAD - adds an area of effect damage
      • SHARP - Causes enemies to bleed health pickup for you and your guys
      • SHOCK - Causes enemies to drop power pickups to refill your mod power
      • DURABLE - Weapons take no durability damage
  • Tesla Armor
    • Unlocked in the upgrades menu
    • Geared towards power mod users
    • Boots
      • Gain suit power when you run
    • Chest
      • Gain suit power when hit
    • Helmet
      • Gain 50% more total power
  • Rock Throw Power
    • Made the rocks fire faster; was too hard to aim
  • Made most factories use fewer resources (which also makes them faster)
  • Heavy Boots - Wind won't affect you while wearing them
  • Rocket Boots are removed and will rework later. Maybe as: fly up in the air and slam down.
  • Sunglasses will now make it easier to see in a sand storm.
  • Slight Performance boost


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extraordinary update now to be a powerful magician here oops i mean mod user, mainly with magic missiles oops means stone throw, and with the classic fireball oops again I mean glass ball!

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There is no magic here :)