Change Log - 02/28/18 - Stamina Update

  • Added stamina.
    • Stamina drains when you run (shift key) or when you are harvesting items/nodes
    • Stamina recovers very slowly while moving and fast when standing still
    • The above image shows the 'sweat' animation. The more you are sweating the closer you are to exhaustion.
    • You move at half speed if you run out of stamina
  • Added a jump rope upgrade object
    • This will increase your stamina pool
    • Costs vegetables and coins/scrap
  • Added a whip weapon (see picture above)
    • This weapon will does very little damage and zero damage against animals.
    • This is used for herding your cows an woollies should they escape or need moving.


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Feb 28, 2018

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