0.6.7 - FPS Fixer and POTATO Update

Change Log:

  • Laser Rifle: 
    • Fires 3 burst laser bolts.
    • Probably won't be craftable in-game, but will be a unique weapon hidden in some location.
    • This weapon will also be used by one of the new companions.
  • General speed and bug fixes
  • FPS Overrider (not really sure what to call it)
    • Now in the options menu, you can set the target fps for the game
    • I've also added a system that will automatically speed correct things if your fps drops below the target amount
    • You will see next to the fps a DM (delta multiplier) and RS (room speed)
      • DM should be 1 if the game's fps is above 60; 2 if it is 30 fps. this is the number I use to multiply physics actions and timers to level out the speed when frames drop. This should only apply if you have a potato computer :)
      • RS is the rate you set in the options menu. You can go as low as 10 fps (though not sure why you would).
      • You can also hit F8 and switch between 30fps and 60fps to test out the feature
    • LET ME KNOW IF ANYTHING SEEMS SLOWER OR FASTER when the frame rate is set lower.


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