HOT FIX 0.6.7

I messed up some of the code. The camp mates were not following the correct timers. Now it should be fixed :)


Sand Alpha 0.6.15 123 MB
Version 148 May 31, 2021

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Heyo! I've been away for awhile, but I'm back to playing. The tutorial now wants me to build a Weapon Workbench, but I see it is locked in the build menu. How do I unlock it? Thx!

Ok I was able to resolve, but I think it's a bug:

I swept the sand away from EDIE and then I was able to access the upgrades menu. Tutorial should probably have a step that makes the user do this, so it's discoverable.

In the upgrades menu, I went Mechanical -> Workbenches and saw that  Weapon Workbench was already unlocked. Odd...

Exiting the menu, I tried to build the weapons workbench and yes, now it's unlocked.

So looks like a bit needs to be flipped somewhere so that bench is available without having to go to upgrades menu... I'm guessing you wanted to save that for later in the tutorial?

BTW, upgrades menu is AWESOME, love the design of it, sounds, etc! Great job!

Ah ok, I now see that the tutorial does have EDIE ask you to dust him off and use the upgrades menu, so that's probably fine. I guess there's just the bug of the weapons workbench not being actually buildable at first, which makes the tutorial get stuck.

ODD... I look into it. I am glad you are liking it :)