What I'm Working on

No new content will be out for a little bit. I am working on streamlining development right now.

  • I am currently working on some dev tools to help me quickly build towns and other static places. 
  • After that I'll work on ways to procedurally create building and other interesting things the player can find.
  • Will start creating town NPC with maybe some basic repeatable quests.
    • a dialog system will have to be created too


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Mar 01, 2018

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We streamed this on my show last week. One thing that tripped me up was the build menu. Adding Q and E letters on either side of the top would indicate what to press in order to "flip" through all the options. Or writing it on the game page. I can get a highlight of the session if you want. Also how do you put wood or water away after you build a crate or barrel?

Yeah good idea. The UI is not really well laid out yet. The crates and barrels automatically increase the max amount of dry and wet goods you can hold. Everything automatically gets placed into storage. I'll probably have it drop the goods if you don't have enough space instead of just destroying it.