Added chickens in the game. They can be bought via the build menu. 

  • Hug them to have a chance to squeeze out an egg - %5 per hug I think?
    • Eggs turn into chicks
    • Chicks turn into chickens
  • Kick them once they are egg free to herd them
  • Kill them to get meat (careful they only have 1 life)
  • Chickens regenerate eggs when you sleep
    • Newly grown chickens don't have eggs until you sleep at least once

I haven't added chicken sound yet, but I can't wait to walk into a chicken coop and hear them cluck and squeal when I kick ...hug them

EDIT: I've added chicken sounds and I can't stop laughing! Home made chicken sounds are much better then real ones :)


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May 01, 2018

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