Performance Enhancing Code


Performance Enhancing Code:

  • I eliminated an issue I was having some lag spikes when building lots of walls. Only really an issue if you had 500+ walls.
  • Eliminated a lag spike when loading a level.

Other things:

  • Tweaked grow times of crops, trees, cactus, and water pumps.
  • Trees are now self sustainable. Cutting down a tree all the way will guarantee an acorn. 
  • Trees can also randomly give you an acorn.
  • Reduced price of sapling to 1 acorn 2 water.
  • Cactus also guarantee a pod drop.
A bonus for reading this blog:
Press ~ key to enable dev mode - free building 
F1 - F4 sets time
P.S. don't press shift in dev mode... or do :)


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Sep 26, 2018

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