Electronic Automation

Big update today. I've added lots of automation tools to help manage all the cool electronic things I plan on implementing.

(From Left to Right)

  • Wood Burner
    • Creates electricity from burning wood
    • Works any time of the day
    • Needs to be refilled
      • Probably should make a robot to refill it automatically
  • Photocell
    • Turns on or off any connected devices depending on the the time of day
    • Good to control things you only want to run at certain times
      • EX: Water pumps and robots during the day
      • EX: Sentry Bots (not created yet) at night when enemies attack (not yet implemented)
  • Volt Meter
    • This allows you to turn on/off devices depending on how much power you have
    • EX: Turn on your wood burners only if you are running low on power.
      • Turn them off when your power is full
  • Switch
    • Turn things off or on buy flipping the switch

Things to add soon

  • Treadmill
    • A player can run on it or maybe an animal (cat?)
    • Imagine a room full of cats that will randomly jump on a treadmill and generate power.
  • Solar panels get dirty and need to be cleaned with water
  • Oil extractor - put in veggies or meat and extract oil from it
  • Oil to plastic thing?
  • Lathe - creates mechanical parts
  • Something to create tech?
  • Sentry Bots


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Oct 04, 2018

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