Alpha 0.2.0 - Missions!

A big update this time. 

  • I've been working on creating a system to load missions. This is the first iteration of that. You'll only get a few missions to start out with (most are tutorial missions), but I'll add a few more every update. 
  • With mission creation I've also added dialog (well speech balloons) between characters.
  • Changed the base flag with a cube from space. It goes along with the story. In fact I would restart your base (delete the files from %localappdata%) so you can enjoy the story from the start. There is no in game menu, I guess I'll work on that soon.
  • I've also work on creating tools to load/save/create different map locations very quickly. You won't see it but it will make content creation much easier.
  • Updated the camp room. You can now craft ammo, food, and water from the camp and rest if it is night time.
  • You can now drop weapons by holding down F
  • There are lots of little things I've changed that I can't remember right now.

I haven't tested this build fully so let me know of any bugs/errors you find. 


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Incredible game with a very thorough and enjoyable economy.

Thanks! Glad you like it. More to come for sure.