0.2.3 Released

0.2.3 - Released

  • Added interesting buildings in the wilderness to discover. Some with chests and treasures.
    • Only have a few added as of now. Will add a few new ones every release.
  • Added different ground types (see above picture)
    • Shown: darker sand and stone
    • Not shown: Roads and Dirt
  • Several bug fixes
  • One extra tutorial mission


Sand Alpha 0.2.3.zip 11 MB
Apr 01, 2019

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I followed this game for a while now and I have to say the amount of updates is superb. Keep up the good work. I got the time to play today for the first time. I really enjoy the game and like how smooth it feels already.

I'm a bit annoyed that you instantly close the game by pressing ESC. I tend to use it to stop get out of menus in other game and spam it. Would be nice if it would be rebindable.

I also like the art overall. The small tiny sprites look awesome. I'm a bit put off by the different font. Especially the really small one is hard to read sometimes (the one used for quest texts and the time display.

Overall, I really really enjoy playing this game. Keep it up!

Best regards,

Thanks! I am glad you like the game. The UI for sure needs some work. It just temporary for now. Once I nail down some more of the key systems I am going to go do a full UI overhaul. UI stuff is just... blah for me lol. Not my favorite so I push off till last minute :) I do have a plan for it though... somewhere on this messy desk. I agree with the tiny 3x3 text; it just isn't working like I wanted it to.