Metal Buildings and Grenades

Metal Buildings

Yep added some metal building tiles in the game today. This is the most expensive building tile (4 metal) so expect lots of base points for this one. Not %100 sold on the art yet. I made it look like corrugated metal (kind of). What do you think?


Added the first explosive weapon in the game! The grenade. Can be crafted at the weapon bench. Right now it only damages enemies.

Some of you might see a theme with the two objects. Think: different wall types and explosions... :)

Build isn't out yet. I still need a little work on the grenade (maybe flashing before it explodes?).

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I could immediately tell it was supposed to be corrugated iron,  if there is a way to make it look maybe half as thick, I think it would do you a lot of good, as long as it can be placed on either edge or the centre of the tile it's on (So you'd sort of be treating each tile like  3*4 and it would either be placed on the back 6, front 6, or middle 6.
It would be less complicated mechanically if you could make it 1/3 of the width and it would look better, but it might (I don't do sprite work) make the art harder to make.

That's an idea. I would require quite a bit more sprite work. Right now I've gotten away with only 2 different sprites for walls. My new ground tiles are 47 sprites(!). I think it would make walls look better though. I'll put it on my art to-do list