No, I'm not triggered :) I am working on triggers. Probably won't have many updates this week I am working on some behind the scenes tech to make things a little more dynamic. I have right now in the game hidden triggers that can activate different things (lights, enemies, traps [not yet]) when you step on them. So imagine you walk up to a chest and all of a sudden 5 skellys pop out of the ground or all the lights go out or an arrow trap hits you in the face; well you get the picture. I am hoping to have that mechanic up along with a least one new mission from [Ellie's Orphanage] showcasing those mechanics hopefully by Thursday. If you haven't noticed I take a break on development on the weekends. Although I do check the comments from time to time.

[trigger example]

I've also noticed a large uptick in views/downloads for the past two days. From about 30 views to 200! Does anyone want to tell me if they just found out about Sand where you came from? I've created an account on Game Jolt but haven't seen any traffic there. Also a week ago I added the game to IndieDB. Anyway curious to why all the love... not that I am complaining :)


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Apr 12, 2019

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