0.2.7 - Emergency Bug Fix!

Fixed the bug where floors couldn't be built correctly.

Download new build.

Ugh such an embarrassing mistake :)

If you want to know I changed the mask of the build object from a 1x1 to a 16x16 and I forget that i used the 1x1 mask to check for collisions...

Normally wouldn't have changed the build number for a hot-fix but it was so game breaking I wanted people to know there is a new version. 

  • Rugs and floors
    • Fixed it. Read new dev log :)
  • photocell, volt meter, switch, small battery and the farming, lumberjack, ranching robot don't have collision box
    • Some items don't have collision boxes they are meant to be that way.
  • also, the weapon spawn zone may get blocked by obstacles, unlike the car station, it doesn't show red background when the spawn point blocked by something
    • Fixed it. Good find!
  • wall banner, wood shelf show red background when you tried to build them on any wall/window/door, but you can still build them
    • Fixed it
  • after you built the flipped robots, the starting position of the robots are kinda off
    • Fixed
  • the image of flipped solar panel is kinda off, doesn't match the collision box
    • Fixed
  • weapon workbench, car station can not be flipped, when you try to flip them, the preview image show them flipped.
    • Fixed: weapon work bench flips now. car station will not (yet).


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Apr 17, 2019

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