The Karkadann - AKA Rhino People

I am working this week on adding the third race into the game: the Karkadann. The rhino type people will mostly agrarian and trade in dirt, water, seeds, nuts, and veggies. There will be the hostile/irradiated Karkadann that are red skinned meat eaters and the peaceful ones that are purple skinned vegetarians. I'll be working on different building materials for their base structures (stick/canvas walls?) and tribal type decorations. The idea is (through missions) you will be able to befriend the Karkadann and unlock their building and decoration items as well as having a unique Karkadann join you. They don't use weapons but attack with a charging headbutt. They also have lots of health, but can only be healed by vegan type food. They might also help unlock a healing balm that you can use to heal in combat.

Enjoy the GIF of the Karkadann beating up a helpless skelly :)

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