Consistent Resource Sprites

I have been using 3 different versions of the resource sprites. I don't really know why. It didn't bother me because I knew what everything was. I watched some You Tube videos today and people where confused about what cloth was in particular. So I changed all resources to use the same sprites. If you come across something that doesn't look like a resource on the left let me know (yes there is milk, crystals, and a few others I know about). Hopefully this will help with the confusion.


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Version 21 May 07, 2019

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Cool! I thought about sending you this feedback but i lost it somewhere hahaha. Hey man another thing i think would be cool for usability would be have just one "comerce" stall, both for buying and selling, and you could tweak it somehow, like you change the stuff in the stall. Another thing i could not quite understand is that up/down sign on the price

The up arrow sells at a higher price but takes longer to sell and the down arrow sells at a lower price but faster.

I am rethinking the whole market thing. I am going to create a robot that will restock the booths so the player doesn't have to manual do it.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on how to make the markets better.

Ah cool! That would be nice :)

Another thing that i forgot to say, and noticed playing yesterday, the chicken sound when you hit here after laying egg, kind of a hurt sound is way louder than the other sounds, i always get a scare when i hit the chicken the first time hahaha