​Alpha 0.3.0 - Release

Alpha 0.3.0 - Release

BIG feature release today. In Sand 0.3.0 you can create more then one base! 

  • Right now you can have up to 6 bases. 
  • All the bases share resources but have there own base score and energy. 
  • You create a wagon object to allow you to create a new base. 
    • This object takes a certain base score now set to 1800 (probably will be changed) and lots of resources. 
  • Once built you can go to the map and a new button will be available for you to create a new base. 
  • To create a third base you have to raise the base score in the second base to 1800 and create another wagon object in the second base; and so on.
  • You can move the base using the flag.
    • Right now this feature is free to do, but won't be in the future (maybe 5000 scrap?)
    • If it was free it would negate the reason for 'make a camp'.
  • Going into any base will refill your HP and Water/Food and Ammo
    • I am thinking about changing this as well.
  • You can now right click NPCs for them to join or un-join you.
    • expect a full fledged context menu that you can manage weapons and other things.

Expect bugs, and please report them as soon as you see them.


Sand Alpha 0.4.0 109 MB
Version 29 May 15, 2019

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This might be a stupid question, but will we still be able to download the free alpha after development is finished, or will it be replaced with a demo or something?

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The Alpha will become the demo and will always be free here. Think only a few missions and maybe not every building piece. When I fork it off I will still be adding the quality of life features I add from the Beta just not the content.

Ah, ok I get it now. Thanks!

Thats huge man! :D

Thanks! I was working on it for awhile. That is why my (almost) daily updates stopped :)

Cool man! Keep it up :)

Is there a way to keep my current world but with the latest release?

You world is saved in a different place then the game files. Installing/running the new version will not delete your world. So update away :)

Wait...the base in that video looks extremely familiar hmmmm...

Ayyy i was thinking about asking if building some kind of outposts/secondary bases outside our main one is going to be possible at some point - guess i don't have to anymore :)

Hold mah beer, time to start a fresh world :D

Btw, those additional bases feature has a great potential. I can kinda already "sense" how maybe sometime in the future versions of the game we might be able to look for some rare ore deposits (in order to research/craft high-tech stuff?), build a mine there and maybe defend them from various attackers? Imma sacrifice some moar llamas then. Who knows, maybe this will please that ancient "He Who Codes" deity and it might increase the chances of that (or something similar) being a thing at some point.


LOL I forgot to switch worlds :)