I stealth added cats into the last nights update. I really was just too tired to write a new devlog.

  • Cats!
    • They can be recruited just like base NPCs
    • They don't attack or do anything but follow you (yet)
    • Of course you can pet them
    • They actually do do something. No, I'm not telling.
    • They meow and purr
    • 4 different idle animations.
    • Build-able from the 'LIGHTS AND DECO' section. It seemed the appropriate place :).
  • Fixed some major sound issues.
    • Sounds will fade out as you move away from them.
    • This is actually a big overhaul of the system, hopefully you'll like it.
    • I 'Think' I fixed the chicken sound to be a little less !#%@&!
  • Probably some other stuff but I can't remember ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Do you have to build one, or do they show up? I think that they should be able to show up, but can also be built. Unless that's already how it works, in which case I've just been unlucky.

You can build them right now from the decorations menu :)
I'll have a mission soon where you can get some from as well. Crazy Cat lady anyone?

I think it would be cute if it would play with a ball if you built one.

I have a ball object! Added to my todo list :)


Dogs please :,}

oh yeah for sure.

Do i just press the download button above this comment to get cats?

yes, The newest version has that cats