0.3.1 - Released

It has been a week or two since I've done any updating. Work (I am a teacher giving tests and finals) is finally calming down so I'll be able to post more. I've shrunk down the mission list because I plan on making a lot more. I'll be releasing them as I finish them. This update includes the second mission (out of 3 probably) that Ellie gives you. This has a surprise when you finish the mission (not going to spoil it). This mission also includes two of the new electronic pieces  as a sort of puzzle (again not going to spoil it). 

  • Transformer: gives power to relays if there is power in the base.
  • Relay: powers objects like doors and wells if power by a transformer.

I am going to be working on making everything having to be powered by transformer/relay (maybe not lights yet) and the transformer must get power from a battery. Or something like that. I'll play around with it. Maybe the objects have to be within a certain range of a relay for it to have power (I like this idea the most)?

Any way enjoy. Let me know what you think!

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The new "surprise" lags your game because it creates more "surprises" when placing/removing in build mode. lol


What do you mean?


BHAWHAHA ok i'll fix it :

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Fixed and uploaded... how did I not see that bug?!


Thank you for the quick fix, you're a lifesaver haha. Couldn't tell you how traumatizing that was. :')



Maybe you can have a sandbox mode, instead of a dev mode. I found the dev mode by accident while figuring out the controls, and didn't notice it was on. I was later confused why I could just farm wood by placing wood debris. This is a fantastic game, and really hope that this becomes a full game someday! :)

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Yeah the dev mode is really just for me. I leave it in there for people that want to just mess around. It is not meant for anyone but me. It is buggy and can crash your game a lot! If I turned it off now people that like it might get mad :) I should make it a more difficult key combo then just ~.

I like your idea of sandbox mode. I'll put that on my list to add before release.

I just realized I may have made an unintentional pun.