Dog Art Work

Which one do you like best for the dog? Tail might be a little different.

Sitting dog

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All of them except d


(1 edit)

Everyone basically honed in on the same designs. C & D.

The tallness of the ears is what I locked on to.

Edit: A is a close second.

I am thinking of D with it's tail moved back 1 pixel. I don't want it to look too much like the cat.

I really think the animated look is the only way to really tell, the cats look brilliant in motion, that's what sells it for me, I feel like the best dog is C, but it feel most similar to cats, so it depends how they end up moving, possibly the black colour makes them too similar to cats too.

Black is really just a place holder (i think) for now. There is a lore about why they are black but I don't want to spoil it until it gets in the game.

D looks the most like a dog to me, but C has a more unique design that I like. The rest kind of remind me of Mickey Mouse's ears (He's gone feral!) Maybe this should be a customization option for the future? Food for thought. 

Yes I'll probably in the end have several versions/breeds of dogs, but for now I'll just make one base dog.