Alpha 0.3.2 - Released - Electrical Update

This is probably a base breaking bug for some of you. If you have any machines/lights you'll have to (or should) rewire most everything.

  • Transformers give power to relays.
  • Relays give power to lights and switches (manual, photocell, and volt meter) automatically if within range.
  • Relays can now only attach to other relays (if you have relays attached to machines disconnect them)
  • All switches (manual, photocell, and volt meter) require power from a relay
  • All machines (robots, wall gates, powered well, etc.) need some sort of switch to work. Hooking up more then one might cause errors.
  • Re-made some mission area to rework the energy system. Might need to do a mission reset to see the changes take effect.

Below is a video explaining all the updates.


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Version 35 Jun 04, 2019

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cool! :D

This update made me feel more like i'm building the whole mechanism to make things work rather than bulding them and they instantly work, i loved it, it's so nice how every update is exciting and updates are frequent in this game ^^

Thanks! Yeah I liked it too. It feels more 'real' now.