Hotfix 1 - Alpha 0.3.2

  • Fixed game breaking bug while using the peaceful AI mode. Thanks to DamageMaximo  [don't click on his name I nearly pooped my pants] for helping me track that beast down.
  • Actually added costs to transformers and relays. Transformers are more expensive. I probably need to increase the cost of transformers and decrease the cost of relays. I want to see lost of poles and wires kind of like a Brazilian favela.
    • On that note I need to create more things that run on power: turrets, patrol bots, spot lights, scavenge bots, repair bots, etc.
  • A few other bug fixes and spelling errors were also fixed.


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Version 37 Jun 05, 2019

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Did you also change the background for E.D.D.I.E's text? It's a lot easier to read now.

A few patches ago I changed it yes. It was a bug I didn't see before releasing :) I update quite frequently though.

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^^,  i'm brazilian and i can confirm that's how it is, lol.

:) I've been several times to Sao Paulo helping a organization called ABBA trying to reunite street kids with their parents and if not adopting them out.

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That's pretty neat! :D