Alpha 0.3.3 - Released

So I've been working re-writing the entire weapon/gear system to be more robust and allow for easy adding of weapon or gear pieces.  Which is why there has been a lull in uploads/updates. I couldn't upload anything because I broke a lot of stuff :) [things might still be broken, please test and let me know if you find bugs]

Here is the run down of the changes:

  • Gear now have:
    • Durability
      • Using weapons or gear decrease the durability until it breaks
      • There will be a wrench item to fix most weapons (not implemented yet), but doing so decreases max durability
    • Gear level
      • This of this as rarity (not yet implemented)
    • Ballistic weapons no longer use clips
      • Weapons can be reloaded without going through whole clip
      • Number of bullets left are tracked
  • Added health pack
    • Craft-able at weapon bench (I'll be making different benches soon)
    • Has low durability, probably will make it higher.

  • Extended inventory to 9 slots.
  • Change UI to now show durability and ammo and total ammo better

Other Gear Ideas:

  • Wrench - fixes weapons and possibly broken machines?
  • Hammer - fixes destroyed base items
  • Turret - Place-able turret fixable with wrench maybe?
  • Mines
  • Bear Traps
  • Molotov 
  • Resource finder - temporarily shows harvest-able items within range
  • Craft-able skills or sci-ency devices
    • Super speed
    • Sand Wall
    • Sand Vortex
    • Whirlwind

Feel free to share some of your ideas below!


Sand Alpha 0.3.2 [STABLE] 14 MB
Jun 19, 2019
Sand Alpha 0.4.0 109 MB
Version 38 Jun 19, 2019

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